Rules and customs in Australia

In order to practise modal verbs for permission and obligation, Pre-Intermediate B students were given a task to work on. They had to imagine a friend is going to visit their country (or any country of their choice) for the first time. They had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about some rules and customs in the country. Here’s Chiyo and Chikara’s presentation about Australia.


You can’t drink alcohol in public places. If you want to drink alcohol, you have to go to a pub or drink at home.


You have to wear a helmet when you ride your bike.


If you drive a car on a narrow road, you can’t speed over 60km.

The sea

You shouldn’t swim in the sea because there are many sharks and crocodiles in the sea.


Australian people usually walk barefoot. But you shouldn’t take off your shoes everywhere. People have to wear shirts and put on shoes in supermarkets.


Water is valuable in Australia. You should have a shower for only about a few minutes.


Australia has a lot of BBQ places. If you buy your ingredients, you can have a BBQ for free.

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2 thoughts on “Rules and customs in Australia

  1. I thought some Australian rules are better than Japanese ones. Especially I’m interested in two rules. The first is the rule about drinking alcohol in public places. It is good to separate places where you can drink alcohol and can’t drink it. We don’t see drunken persons in public places, so we don’t have unpleasant feelings. The second is that Australia has a lot of free BBQ places. It so nice because we can enjoy having a BBQ with our friends or family anytime. Australian rules are good. Thank you, Chiyo and Chikara.

  2. Aha 🙂 It’s a great presentation !! Thank you for teaching me about rules of Australia.
    Every country has its laws. When you are in new countries, follow its people.
    when in Rome do as the Romans do.(It’s a proverb)

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