Port Douglas

We went to Port Douglas with my friend and her host family last Sunday. It was a sunny day!! It took about an hour and half by car. On the way we were able to see horses and wallabies.

The Port Douglas market had lots of jewellery, food, and souvenir stalls but it is only on Sunday. The town is very small, but many tourists go there. We climbed a hill that is near the beach. The view was very beautiful!!!!! There are many delicious restaurants. We went to a restaurant which the host father recommended. The restaurant’s hamburger was very yummy!!

Port Douglas has a great atmosphere. The host mother told us that the night time has the best atmosphere. I want to go again at night time!

Arisa, Intermediate A

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2 thoughts on “Port Douglas

  1. Nice view! We can see beautiful views anywhere in Australia. Australia is surrounded by crystal clean sea and blue sky. I love Australia which coexists with nature. I want to go to Port Douglas some day.

  2. Oh! What a very beautiful view !! If you took photos of the restaurant’s hamburger, please let me see!!
    I’d like to go there at night time too. Let’s go there together next time.

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