Last Sunday, I had a BBQ at the Lagoon with my classmates. We worried about the weather, but it was nice. We ate hot dogs and beef steaks and saw a nice view. One of my friends cut meat and vegetables, another took pictures and another grilled sausages and meat. Someone ate something secretly sometimes. The hot dog and steak were so delicious! We played volleyball and Frisbee. It was nice exercise.

I moved to this class two weeks ago. I could not talk to my classmates well because we didn’t know each other until doing the BBQ and I’m shy. During the BBQ, we talked about each other in English and we learned about each other.  I was able to talk to my classmates better now than before.

I think a BBQ is good for making friends and improving English skills because we talk a lot in English and we were able to learn about each other. I recommend it. We will BBQ this or next week again!

Yukari, Pre-Intermediate B

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2 thoughts on “BBQ

  1. Looks yummy!!
    Hot dog is a good idea! Next time if I barbecue, I will make hot dogs.
    I also think BBQ helps to improve communication.

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