About looking for a share house

Last week I looked for a share house very hard and I barely found it. At first, I thought it would be easy to find because my friends had already found good houses and I had seen a lot of advertisements for share mates.

But I quickly found that I was wrong. I sent mail for references  “Are any rooms still available?” and almost all owners replied to me. This sounded good.  But almost all said “ not available”.  That sounded bad.

A couple of days later I was able to find some available rooms. One room was very comfortable for me. The Japanese owners were very friendly. (I was not sure but) we took photos together as a memory. So I thought I could stay there, but they finally refused my offer to stay there because their acquaintance wanted to stay there 2 days later.

I was also able to find another room. The owner was Australian. He was very proud of his work as an owner. His room was not good, I felt it was difficult to contact him in detail because when  I inquired, for example, “when can I visit your house? “, he always replied only with “wow cool!”’I know your school”. I couldn’t decide to stay there.

The other  house was very cheap but dirty, small and far from the city. And it seemed not to be safe. The house was clean, large enough to live in but a little expensive and too far from the city for me.  To make matters worse, at that time some affairs happened around city such as robbery and rapes. I was exhausted. My cold deteriorated. And the doctor said it was  bronchitis.

I gradually understood I couldn’t find it only by myself.  And I asked my host family and my friend for help. My host family gave me advice many times and told me that I could extend my homestay until I find a new house. My friends helped to find share house together. They encouraged me.

Finally I could find the best share house for me and surprisingly my friend has already lived there by chance. Suddenly a share mate left  the share house for his trip.  I was very lucky.

Anyway I learnt a lot of things such as differences of cultures,  owner’s speculation and the city where I live in.

Kana, Intermediate B

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One thought on “About looking for a share house

  1. Kana, I’m happy to hear that you found the best share house. Those photos aren’t photos of your share house, are they?
    We can’t do everything by ourselves, sometimes somebody helps us. I think we have to have a feeling of gratitude to everyone. Kana, I hope you will live comfortably in a new share house.

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