Pokemons graduate from CCEB!

Here at CCEB we hold a little graduation ceremony every Friday. We all gather in the lunchroom and say goodbye to the leaving students who always give interesting graduation speeches. A couple of Fridays ago we witnessed a very special graduation ceremony with two Swiss Pokemons in attendance. They introduced their fridge friend to the whole school (more about how the fridge became a friend in Flavio’s post: https://cceb.edublogs.org/2016/07/13/meet-our-new-friend/.)

Watch these two Pokemons from Switzerland, Flavio and Fabian, addressing their schoolmates and teachers for the last time. Congratulations on completing your studies, guys! We wish you all the best on your journey ahead! Considering the new game Pokémon GO gaining popularity, hopefully you will be lucky enough not to get caught! 😉

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We are teachers and students at the Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB). How lucky are we to work and study in the Australian Wet Tropics with the world's oldest rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep! We would like to share our happy posts with the world! Welcome to the CCEB space eveyone.

2 thoughts on “Pokemons graduate from CCEB!

  1. They are so funny! I love it. I’d like to catch two Pikachus. That’s right up my alley because I have all of Pokemon Games. I like Pokemon, but not as much as them. I need to put some effort into playing. Thank you.

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