The Little Prince

I love The Little Prince, for me it’ my favourite book.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story hid wisdom in humankind. His life is shrouded in mystery too. Nobody exactly knows how this writer died. His plane was missing a long time. A Germany aviator said that his plane was shot down. His plane went missing when there were conflicts in France.

This story is for children and adults, too. But I think that everyone will relate to this story because we are all different.

In this book the author critiques society. For example: The Little Prince met a banker. This man counted stars all his life. Nothing is more important for this man, only “his” stars, his property.

The meaning is very lovely and sad too, The Little Prince meets a Fox. Their dialogue is about love, trust but also about disappointment and feeling alone. I think that people don’t talk about their feelings, relationships and problems because they haven’t time or interest.

For me the worst meeting is with the snake, but I know that The Little Prince is now on his planet. He is happy with his sheep and with his rose. Maybe he will come back to our planet…

Alena, Intermediate A

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  1. I enjoyed going there!!!! But in fact, I fell asleep…. It’s our secret. I wanted to wake and see it… But I really enjoyed the show!!!

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