My trip to Kuranda

I went to go Kuranda with a Japanese friend on Saturday. This place has a world heritage area that is rainforest.

We rode the skyrail from Smithfield to Kuranda for an hour. On the way back, we rode the train for two hours to city station.  It was a clear day. We saw green islands, wide sea, and beautiful  landscapes from the skyrail.

And we saw falls from the train. If you go to Kuranda, I recommend the hand made ice-cream shop. We visited the store two times. It’s very delicious.

Lia, Pre-Intermediate B

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2 thoughts on “My trip to Kuranda

  1. Wow, it looks so nice.
    I couldn’t go to Kuranda while I stayed in Cairns.
    I want to ride the skyrail and the train to go there someday. It will be fresh and comfortable for me. Thank you for the beautiful photos and information, Lia

  2. Lia, I want to go to Kuranda. My friends recommended it to me. You took beautiful photos there! Thanks you for the information.

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