Beautiful Green Island

I went to Green Island on a beautiful day.

It was a perfect day because there was nice weather. My host mother and host family’s friends took me and my friend on a parasailing boat. My host family’s friends have had business in Green Island for a long time. They are kind to me all time and I think they are very nice people. We did relaxed on the beach and ate snacks and fruit for lunch with alcoholic drinks. I like the beach and its beautiful sand.

After that we went snorkelling in the sea. I couldn’t find a lot of colourful fish but I found a sea turtle under the sea.

I was so happy. I really wanted to see a sea turtle. My dream came true once again. I’m so lucky!!!!! And we went to a crocodile farm. There are many crocodiles and aquariums including barramundi, a sea turtle, a hawksbill turtle, some fish etc. We watched a crocodile show and crocodile history and I touched a small crocodile there. And I ate a mini crocodile!!! 😉 I’m kidding. I didn’t have enough time to do it so I will go to Green Island again.

Nanako, Pre-intermediate B

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Green Island

  1. WoW!! You had a nice day, please don’t forget to take me, I love it and also want to eat … crocodile… lol it must be a joke.

  2. Wow Nanako, you are a fearless woman. I saw for the first time a woman who was trying to bite the crocodile. lol~
    The photos of Green Island are so beautiful. You enjoyed it very much with your host mother and host family’s friends, didn’t you? You are such a cheerful character, so I think everybody wants to invite you. Thank you for a funny photo, Nanako.

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