My trip to Fitzroy Island

I went to Fitzroy Island with my school friends two weeks ago.

It takes 45 minutes to get to Fitzroy Island from Cairns. It’s very near. Fitzroy has very beautiful views and clean sea.

The beach is made of coral. I went hiking for two hours. I think it was very hard.

But the view from the top of the mountain was very nice. I was happy.

Also, we ate lunch! I think together with the beautiful view lunch tasted very yummy! After hiking, we went snorkelling. It was very nice! I was happy because I saw three turtles!!! I saw turtles for the first a time!!

And I tried stand up paddling! It was very difficult but a lot of fun and good!! You should go to Fitzroy!

Saori, Pre-Intermediate B

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7 thoughts on “My trip to Fitzroy Island

  1. What a transparent sea!
    Blue sky and beautiful scenery relax me. Did you really see three such big turtles?
    Wow, I want to visit the place. Thank you for a nice blogpost, Saori.

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