Articles jeopardy

“The”, “a”, “an” or maybe no article at all? This is the question! Pre-Int B had a great time playing Article Jeopardy and learning about this difficult grammar point. They competed in four categories and could choose from among questions priced $100, $200, $300, $400, $500 and $600. One of the ‘cheaper’ questions included this one; see if you can put the right answers in the blanks:

Of course the correct answer is this: “I will see a movie with you, on one condition: the movie must star Cameron Diaz!”. How did you go? 🙂

Leo and Yuka gave many correct answers and won a lot of $$$.

Their teacher Justyna nearly went bankrupt at the end of the lesson but she was very happy the students were giving the right answers:

It looks like the students of Pre-Intermediate B are having a lot of fun getting rich while learning English grammar 🙂

If you’re still struggling with articles, and you need more practice, let your teacher know. Maybe you can join our free after school activity called Grammar Club and cover the English articles in more detail 🙂 Watch the CCEB Grammar Club short video about articles below:

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One thought on “Articles jeopardy

  1. This blog was so interesting for me.
    “The”, “a”, “an” are easy articles, but they sometimes they confuse me when I write sentences. I have joined Grammar Club before. It was so useful for me.The teacher’s explanation was easy to understand. Everyone, please join Grammar Club!

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