The Spring Festival in China

China is a country with more than 5000 years of history. As we all know, the Spring Festival is famous as the most important festival in China. During the Spring Festival, we have many traditional activities and make traditional food. We eat dumplings and a lot of delicious traditional food. (but I don’t know how to say the name in English😂). There are many different ceremonies in China to celebrate the Spring Festival. In our city, we have a special ceremony. During the Spring Festival, we will make a “WANG HUO” (fire) which represents the flourishing of life.

During the Spring Festival evenings, we have dinner with our families. After dinner, we will light the “WANG HUA”and we will light fireworks, then you can see the colorful fireworks in the sky. I think it represents the happy days you will have. In our city,we will have dinner two times, the first one represents the last dinner of the year, and the second one represents the first dinner of the next year. While we are having dinner, we can watch the festival program on TV with our family.

Yanan, Pre-Intermediate B

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