Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach in Sydney is known to be a feature of Australian beach life, and it is located 7 km east of the Sydney CBD. This long beach is believed to be a Mecca for suffers. So many advanced and beginner surfers as well as tourists from the world are seen at this beach throughout the year.

I lived in Sydney during 2009 to 2016. I was a student, working as a part-timer. I often went to this beach when I had a day off to do some exercise such as running or walking along the beach by myself, or with my friends. The comfortable esplanade with a stunningly breathtaking view is always fascinating no matter what the weather is like. The area is also famous for fine dining. Countless restaurants and cafes are located along the main Bondi road and little lanes. I can’t describe how it’s a blissful experience to enjoy a meal at a dining in front of the water and listening to the sounds of the waves.

However, my favourite thing to do at the Bondi Beach is just to be there, lying on the beach or lawn area, and reading or just clearing my mind. I often brought my study books or notebooks with me to study. Also, I went there with my friends, grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting while walking along the esplanade. The things that you must bring are sunscreen, swim wear and a beach towel. And don’t forget to bring sun-glasses to check out good-looking surfers to avoid looking creepy.

There is one thing I’ve missed out: learning to surf. So next time, I will take up some surfing lessons from a handsome surfing instructor.  Would you like to try?

Ryoko, Advanced IELTS Class

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