Connection Brazil and Australia: New country, new life

My first impression of Cairns is that I am living in a movie. Everything here looks like a movie set. If I close my eyes I can imagine myself in a tv show. The streets are not so crowded  and the view is a mix of nature and colorful stores. I am living in the downtown area but it seems I am living in a warm little village.

Sorry, I did not introduce myself. My name is Debora and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo is a big and busy city. I have been living in Cairns for only a few days but even now I can feel that this experience will help me to improve not only my English but also myself. Sometimes, we just need to change our lifestyle to figure out more about ourselves. That’s why I chose to move so far from my home, my  family, my roots. I just want to know more about myself, and then I will be able to understand more about others.

Cairns looks like a perfect city to start this journey. The majority of people are friendly and the climate  is welcoming. I hope to have a good time in this paradise.

Debora, Intermediate A

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