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My first days in Australia have been better than I imagined. I was lucky because I found a good share house with good roommates.  Usually, during the weekend we have a good time together, they have become like a family for me. It’s been funny because each person is from a different country. This means that each person has a different culture. I have been learning a lot with them. I can also improve my English because they speak English better than me. I’ve learned new knowledge as how to cook or some cultural things.

For example, this weekend my Swiss friend told me that she never says “I love you” to her mother because usually people from Switzerland just say it to partners. For me this is weird because normally in Brazil we say always to our mother “I love you” and tell her how important she is. I am able to understand that it is not necessary to say it, you can just feel it. However, I grew up in a culture that always taught me that it is necessary to show people how important they are in our life.

Regarding my routine, I’ve changed everything, all my habits. From little things such as throwing the toilet paper into the toilet to riding a bicycle instead to take a bus. In Brazil, and in majority of countries in Latin America, we need to throw the toilet paper into the garbage not toilet it. It is very wrong to do this because if you throw the paper in the toilet you can block the toilet. More than this, you will damage the environment. In my home usually I hardly ever rode a bike because I lived on a road and we do not have bicycle paths in all places which makes this harder.

I mean, in only a few days I’ve learned a ton of things and I’ve been changing my habits. In only few days I’ve learned more than many years in my country. Because now I am no longer in my comfort zone. I’ve been learning to think outside of the box doing stuff that I had never thought to do. Definitely, choosing to come to Cairns was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Debora, Intermediate Class

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2 thoughts on “About habits and cultures

  1. Yes, Debora. Your choice was the best, I think.
    I studied at CCEB and made a lot of friends. They were so friendly and I was able to get to know different cultures. It was a precious time for me.
    You will get settled more in your Cairns life and never forget this wonderful experience.
    Please enjoy it!

  2. Hi, same as you I can only say that the people I meet down here at CCEB are amazing. They are from all over the world and still act like a big family.

    I am not so sure about the “I love you” statement of your Swiss friend tho. I always tell my “Mama” “I love you”. 🙂

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