An unforgettable experience

I love all types of extreme sports but there are few of them that I have done. So, being in Cairns, I’ve decided to do all the extreme sports like scuba diving, sky diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, and so on. And sky diving is one of the things I most wanted. (That is number one on my bucket list and why I came to Cairns.)

Anyway, I searched for a travel agency and I enrolled in sky diving on a whim. Then last Thursday, I did it. Have you ever felt like a bird? At 14,000 feet, without any signal (like one, two, three) we just jumped into the sky.  Of course I was clinging to a professional diver. (They didn’t let me to hesitate.)

When you jump, the first section is called “free fall”. As I gained momentum, I felt some ambivalence. What I’m talking about is both fear and excitement. And the second section is with a parachute. At that time, the falling stopped, just floating in air, you could see all around. That was really gorgeous. I could see the whole of Cairns. And the expert shot the whole process; I could receive the video 30min after diving. Unfortunately, I can’t show them to anyone else, because that was really ridiculous.

If you want to feel some freedom, love extreme sports or even if you are bored, why don’t you try sky-diving? I can say it is absolutely exciting and gives you an unforgettable experience. Go and try. Cairns is not anymore a calm city.

Jinny, Upper-Intermediate Class

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2 thoughts on “An unforgettable experience

  1. I experienced pseudo sky diving thanks to your blog. It looks so nice and exciting. But actually, I am afraid of heights. So it is difficult to try sky diving, bungee jumping and so on. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you!

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