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I cooked sweet potato with my share mates. It was kind of sweet. It was delicious. We bought two sweet potatoes at Rusty’s market. Then, I discovered that Australian sweet potatoes are orange. Japanese sweet potatoes are light yellow. They look like pumpkins and they are sweeter than Japanese sweet potatoes. I prefer Australian sweet potatoes to Japanese sweet potatoes.


Rusty’s market has many vegetables and fruits. Cucumbers and green peppers are quite big, and many different types of root vegetables are there. The apples and oranges are smaller than Japanese ones. I go there every weekend because I find vegetables and fruits I have never seen and I enjoy them. I want to eat all of the vegetables and fruits which I cannot eat in Japan. But I don’t know how to cook them. So, I will use Cookpad or I will ask my host mother when I cook them. Moreover, we can get them cheap, and we can try some fruits for free. Why don’t you go there and discover interesting vegetables and fruits!

Yukari, Intermediate Class

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3 thoughts on “Discover Rusty’s Markets

  1. It was fun to get the information which I wanna know.
    and I was able to eat a black sapote. It’s like chocolate, but it tastes not good 🙁 haha

  2. Hi Yukari. Also I went there every weekend and enjoyed finding vegetables and fruits I have never seen. We can find a lot of tropical fruits at Rusty’s market.
    I ate a passion fruit for the first time in Cairns. When I cut it in a half, the inside of it was only seeds. “Which part should I eat?”, I wondered.
    And I tried a ginger-flavored juice with sugar cane at the stall beside the market. It looked so delicious, but … mmm. It probably will be good for our health. They are funny experiences. Yukari, you will look more beautiful because of eating fresh vegetables and fruit!!!

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