My first job in Cairns

When I arrived in Cairns I was feeling awful sometimes because I heard that it is hard to find a job here. I heard that some students have been looking for a job for over two months. I need to confess I was afraid. Anyway, I attended the special classes from the school to help students find a job and there the teacher help me write my resume. Then I decided to knock on every door asking for an opportunity. At first it was hard but after three times it became more natural. I was different experience for me. In my country I applied online for all the jobs I got.

After one week, for days of doing it, I receveid three calls to attend interviews. I was asked to do trainining in two restaurants and one souvenir shop. First I started to work as a saleswoman at the Night Market but after few days I quit de job in the shop because I got a position at restaurant called Nando’s (it is very famous in the UK and Australia) and now I work there.

My coworkers.

Working at Nando’s has been a good experience for me. I am already feeling comfortable. The only problem is that sometimes I am not able to understand them as they are from India and their accents are very strong for me. But I realize that is should be good because I can improve my listening and learn
about another culture.

Some students came to me to ask how I could find a job so quickly. Maybe I was lucky but I think I can give some tips:

1. You must knock on every door, do not be shy or arrogant.
2. Sometimes we need to forget some meetings, lunches and barbecues. If you want to find a job sometimes you will miss fun times with your friends doing a good CV and walking around the city looking for a place to give your resume.
3. When you are out distributing your resume you must wear formal clothes.
4. Just give your resume to the manager. If he is not there you can say that you are able to go back later.
5. Try to exchange a few words with the manager and tell him/her what your main jobs and why have been you deserve this job.

When you start to look for a job sometimes it will probably become tiring. But never give up. It does not matter if it is raining or if the sun is blazing. You need to go. Sometimes you can go back to the same shop or restaurant where you’ve given your resume and ask again if there is any opportunity. The worst that you will receive will be a “no”.

I made up my mind that I am not stopping until get a job and I just stopped when I got one. You must stay near people that will give for you energy and force you to continue otherwise it will be easier for you give up. Sometimes we need to forget what people are saying about the situation, because with you it can be different.

Debora, Upper-Intermediate Class

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6 thoughts on “My first job in Cairns

  1. Oh, Debora. I was so impressed by your article. I’m one of those who are still looking for a job. I strongly agree with your opinion. I shouldn’t give up! Even if I’m broke, I shouldn’t stop looking. I’ll be a Neet from tomorrow but I’ll knock on every door!! Never give up! Thanks, Debora. XXoo Akemi ooXX

    1. Hello, Akemi!
      I am glad to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely words. (this kind of comments also give me motivation to keep going and writing). =)
      I hope that you get a job soon, fingers crossed for you! Anyway, if you need any help feel free to write to me.

  2. Debora, this article is very useful for everyone who is looking for a job.
    Because it is based on your experience. It tells us to have a strong will and
    courage. Thank you!
    Akemi, I hope you will get a job soon.

  3. Ahaha:) Debora and Yoko, thank you for your replies! I’m so happy to hear from you, ladies.
    I’ve already knocked on more than 30 shops and I succeeded in submitting my resume in 13 shops so far. Is it good??
    I’ll keep going and asking again “I’m looking for work, could I possibly speak to the manager?” I’ll go knocking on the next door!!! See you later!!

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