Chiribiquete: the lost wonderland in the deepest Amazon

Amazonas, which is located in southern Colombia, is known to be one of the most important natural places on the world. It is said that Amazonas covers 109,665 km2, being a vast forest reserve. There is an important national park in Amazon called Chiribiquete.

It is said that Chiribiquete is perhaps the most unexplored place in the Amazon, it was discovered not even 20 years ago by Von Hildebrand and Argemiro Cortes, both natural adepts who put their energy into discovering the wilderness. It is known as having enormous rock formations and a dense forest.  There are some important native tribes, and it is believed that some native tribes could be living in the deepest forest, which are uncontacted tribes, owing to the fact that the area is thought to have been inhabited by Karijona people since ancient times.

It is a very special place, because is not so common in the Amazonas region, it is a natural area where you could find historic traces like rock paintings with their implication of mystery and aboriginal energy.

Chiribiquete is a astonishing area because it is unexplored and savage; going to Chiribiquete is not really common or easy, flying to this place could be very expensive and is difficult for planes landing in this region owing to its complex bedrock formations, if you are curious to visit exotic places and observe wild animals, it could be a good choice.

Would you take the risk to experience this wilderness? Are you curious enough to discover new places, nature and even unknown animals?

Claudia, Advanced IELTS Class

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