A fairy visited me today

A grapefruit fairy 😉

Cairns is full of fairies and today I was lucky enough to have one in my office. I couldn’t see her but she brought me the best gift ever. I was feeling the flu coming and the fairy brought me a bag of awesome grapefruits… Love it.

Do you know that grapefruits were created in the 18th century as a cross between  a pomelo and an orange?

Grapefruits have tons of health benefits such as:
-Weight loss: grapefruits give you a little boost to help your metabolism and improve insulin resistance before meals.
-Stroke: if you eat citrus you may lower the risk of stroke
-Blood pressure: grapefruits have potassium, fiber, vitamin c and choline that help to maintain a healthy heart.
-Cancer: help to combat the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer.
-Digestion: help to prevent constipation
-Hydration: grape fruit is one of the most hydrating fruits in the world made up of 91% of water just below the water melon.
-Skin: support the skin system with vitamin c
-Asthma: the risk of asthma is lower if you consume grapefruit

Isn’t it awesome that a fairy helped me so much today?… No more flu. Now I will enjoy my grapefruit juice. Happy days! Thanks fairy!

Carolina, Manager of Lake67

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One thought on “A fairy visited me today

  1. Thank you, Carolina.
    I actually didn’t know that grapefruits have tons of health benefits like that.
    Your blog is so~ useful for me. Though a fairy didn’t visit me, I will buy grapefruits on my own. (LOL) Please give us more useful information.

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