How good are you at recycling?

The students in Pre-Intermediate A class conducted a survey to determine if students studying at the college are aware of recycling. They wanted to know if they knew how to recycle while living in Cairns. The questions the students asked, and the findings are listed below.

Summing up the survey results on the white board looked pretty hectic – see the photo below:

Here are some more photos taken by the Pre-Int A teacher, Elaine, while her students were interviewing their schoolmates:

Well done Pre-Int A students and Elaine!

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2 thoughts on “How good are you at recycling?

  1. Recycling is an important way of dealing with growing problems of waste disposal. Actually we have to divide rubbish into ten kinds in my town.
    And the incinerators were rebuilt to be bigger as the garbage amount is increasing.
    I think we shouldn’t only build incinerators but also we should try not to produce so much of our own garbage.

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