Chilean food

Hello guys,  I want to show you how to make good Chilean food.

The name is “Empanada de Pino”.  It is very similar to a pie in Australia.  This food is typical throughout the year in Chile, but it is very popular these days when Chilean people celebrate Independence Day in Chile.  This food contains a mix of onions, olives, eggs and other condiments which add flavour.  All of this is wrapped in special dough.  Once in the oven, you must wait for 20 minutes, so that your “Empanada” is ready to eat and then just enjoy it!!

If you try to eat it with a glass of Chilean red wine, you will never forget it and will like the dish forever!

Here you can find some photos of this process.

1.     2.

3.         4.

5.        6.


Guillermo, Pre-Intermediate B

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10 thoughts on “Chilean food

    1. Hello Ngoc. Of course, you can buy wine in my shop in Chile……..
      I’m kidding. If you want to try it, maybe I can import it for you.

  1. Hi Guillermo! What a great piece of writing and what delicious-looking food! Can I substitute the onions and olives for some other food? When are you going to cook this for me? Ha ha!

    1. Hello Krystyna!!! Thank you for your comment. I am very unhappy because I can’t substitute these ingredients. They make the dish Chilean! ;-(

  2. Hi Guillermo, I need to eat these kind of empanada. In my country, I eat empanadas, but inside we only have potatoes and a little bit of rice. Its perfect to eat with a cold coca-cola!

  3. I love the Empanadas! I remember when you had made it the first time here in Cairns – absolutely delicious. Not only is the Chilean food delicious, but the people are amazingly friendly! Cheers!

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