If Danica could start a new life…

The students of Intermediate A Class were practising the second conditional. Their teacher Sissa gave them a topic to talk about. They had to make a presentation about what they would do if they could start a new life. This is Danica’s presentation below:

If I could start a new life, I wouldn’t enter university. Instead, I’d have much more time for myself.

When I was at university, I just followed the normal life flow, I couldn’t choose my own destiny. If I could go back in time, I’d travel to a lot of countries. Visiting other countries, I would try to understand what the people were thinking, learn their customs, cultures and things like that. In my opinion, first- hand experience is more effective than second -hand experience.  And I should change my attitude towards my life, such as “If I want to do something, I should do it. Because I don’t want to regret anything anymore! ” In Korea, people usually say that everyone has three opportunities in their life so we should appreciate the precious opportunities we have with each other.

Danica, Intermediate A

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