Healthy food labels

If you read the labels on the products before you buy them, you might know which food is healthy and which food is not.

Do you know how many carbohydrates you have to consume per day?

You have to consume 150 gr of carbohydrates per day. If you eat 1 slice of regular pizza, you will consume 36 gr of carbohydrates and If you eat 1 whole regular pizza, you will consume 284 gr of carbohydrates.

What kinds of foods have carbohydrates?

If you want to get the right carbohydrates, you should choose from the list below:

  • choose to eat the whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.
  • eat whole grain bread, pasta, crackers, and cereals, rather than refined grain alternatives. Brown rice, whole barley, and oatmeal are also good.

What are the risks if you are not careful with the consumption of carbohydrates?

If you don’t control the consumption of carbohydrates, you could have health problems, like:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight Gain
  • Brain Fog

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  1. Hello
    It was a very interesting article. I didn’t think that a pizza contained so many carbohydrates. The next time that I eat a pizza, I will think twice.

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