What is Saudades?

Only in Portuguese do we have the beautiful word called Saudades. But, what does this word mean?

Saudades represents a deep feeling that you have towards someone or some moment. This word used to tell us about something that we loved in the past but nowadays we do not have anymore. In another words, Saudades can be interpreted as “the love that remains”. You know when you remember a special day and at the same time you feel a desire to go to the past just to live these memories again? It is Saudades.

Further than moments, mostly people feel saudades for people. People that have passed in her lives. People that sometimes are still alive however they are not close as they used to be.

Maybe you have saudades for your childhood. Perhaps you have saudades for your parents. Or you can also feel saudades for a smile, for a smell or for the any place.

Saudades can be your weakness because sometimes you can give up your own dreams as you are worn out from this feeling. Anyway this word may also be your biggest power once you know that you have lovely people around you and you should keep on doing your best to give a better life to these people.

This emotion is a dichotomy, because Saudade can bring bad and good feelings all at once: sadness from missing something loved and happiness for having experienced the love.

Saudades means that you are alive.

And you? What is the person or place that has caused you to feel Saudades?

Main Picture:
My dog Juju and me. I have been in Cairns for two months and I can say that she is my biggest Saudades.

Debora, Upper-Intermediate Class

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