Korean hanbok

Do you know traditional Korean dress? We call it a “Han-bok”. Check out the slide show below to get an idea of what a han-bok is:

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Normally we wear it on holiday or on special days.  For example, when you get married or on Thanksgiving which in Korea is called Chu-seok). Even Miss Korea was wearing a “Han-bok” in Miss Universal competition.

But these days, not many Koreans wear a “Han-bok” compared to the old days because it is expensive and a lot of Koreans also think that it is not useful. So most Koreans just rent it.

This kimono is from Nanami’s Grandmother who made it herself.
The kimono Nanami (left) is wearing in this photo is from a kimono rental shop.

And I think a “Han-bok” and a “kimono” look similar to each other. In the photos on the left and right is a friend of mine, Nanami, wearing a Japanese kimono.

I hope a lot of Koreans wear their “Han-boks” more often as soon as possible.

And if you go to Korea, try to wear a “Han-bok” !!!

Mindy, Pre-Intermediate B


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3 thoughts on “Korean hanbok

  1. You made me to wanna wear a Han-bok once in my life !! And then, a Han-bok and a Kimono look similar I think so too. Because,both have effect of legs looking longer —-!!

  2. It’s very interesting to know a little more about the Korean culture. The traditions are important in all cultures it’s a shame to be lost because of consumerist culture.

    I like the colorful dresses and hairstyles.

  3. It’s interesting for me to find out about the Korean culture. Hanbok is important in Korea. You made wanna wear Korean hanbok. I think it’s beautiful I like it very much.

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