1.What is sukiyaki?
Do you know sukiyaki?
It is a typical Japanese food and popular among foreigners too.
Sliced beef, Vegetable and bean curd are cooked in a pan on the table with sugar, soy sauce and sake.
It is like a soup.

2.How to cook.
We must have 7 steps to cook sukiyaki.
Let’s play cooks now.
*First; We should remove the beef from the fridge and leave it at room temperature.
The reason is that if we cook the beef from the fridge, the middle of beef will stay raw.
*Second; We have to heat the pan, and put in the beef fat to heat it.
*Third; We have to put the beef in the pan.
We should separate each beef piece, so they can cook well. Keep stirring.
*Fourth; We put sugar and soy sauce in the pan.
We should put a lot of it, as much as possible.
We are allowed to control the sweetness later. Keep stirring.
*Fifth; We should put the vegetables that are difficult to cook early on.
For example, Chinese cabbage and long green onion.
Keep stirring to mix all the ingredients.
*Sixth; We have to put sugar, soy sauce and sake in the pan.
*Seventh; We have to put the bean curd and soft vegetables like leaves.
That’s all !!

These are the ingredients:
Beef/Raw egg/Chinese cabbage/Garland chrysanthemum /Long green onion/
Mushroom /Bean curd/Shirataki and so on…..

Shirataki is made from konnyaku potato.
It a little bit smells fishy. Texture is like noodles.

3.How to eat ?
We choose our favourite ingredients from the pan, and we dip them in raw egg.

4.After eating…
We can eat leftovers in 2 ways.
*1; Sukiyaki udon
We put udon noodles in the pan with the leftovers.
After, we put beaten eggs in the pan.
*2; Sukiyaki don
We put on egg in the pan with the leftovers, and we should heat it up.
After, we put the mixture on hot rice.

That’s all.
Thank you for reading!!
Kaho, Intermediate A

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