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20 thoughts on “Does Elementary class like licorice?

  1. Dear Elementary students
    Why don’t you like licorice? It’s delicious! Yummy!
    Oh well…chocolate is always better! 🙂

  2. This video is really funny, I think maybe the new students do not know this flavour in your country…it’s new and not bad but I don’t like it either…maybe after 😛 Cristian from Colombia.
    This is very funny. When I saw that I thought this class is good and I want my friends to try it.
    Lee sojin from Korea

  3. I have never tried licorice. That looks bad.
    Licorice makes most of students disgusted in the video. It’s so funny.

  4. Wow. This movie was funny and made me smile.
    I also think that licorice is not delicious.
    Nevertheless during cooking, it is an important ingredient.
    If we make delicious snacks including licorice, someone who doesn’t like it will eat deliciously.

    1. Hi Marina
      I don’t know who you are, but please come to my class – it’s room 403 – and I can give you some licorice to taste! No problem! Do any of your friends want to try it?! 🙂

  5. Today we are going to an ice-cream store to get ice cream with liquorice.
    It will be good.:)

    Today I am a happy student studying between two sisters.:):):)

    I am sad because the man in the middle is not handsome. It has not been able to study.

  6. I saw this sweet in the store. I thought: “What is this?” It looks interesting and strange. Many elementary students’ faces looked disgusted. Krystyna wrote it’s delicious. Really?? I don’t want to buy it .

  7. I don’t know licorice!
    But I want to eat it when I look at the picture.
    The video is so funny ~~~~ 🙂 and I know what licorice tastes like !!

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