How many M&M’s can you eat in 30 secs?

The Elementary class studied ‘countable’ and ‘uncountable’ nouns. Their teacher Krystyna set a challenge and asked the students:

HOW MANY M & Ms CAN YOU eat IN 30 SECONDS? The students had to finish eating one M&M before eating the next one. One student only ate one as she said she was on a diet! The winner was Hyunwoo who ate 7!

The next challenge was HOW MUCH WATER CAN YOU DRINK IN 10 SECONDS? Some people drank very quickly and also started laughing! The winner was Kaisei who drank 500 millilitres! Well done everyone and congratulations to the winners!

Competition scores (single digit=M&M’s)
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22 thoughts on “How many M&M’s can you eat in 30 secs?

  1. I watched the movies about how much water you can drink in ten seconds and they were so funny.
    It seems that everyone enjoyed themselves, however I didn’t think students could drink a lot in ten seconds.
    Next time, they should try to drink coke, I think.

  2. Hi everyone.

    Your classroom challenge was very cheerful. I have an idea. Why not next time change water for good Czech or Slovak beer? 😉

    Michael from Czecho-Slovakia. 🙂

  3. Hi

    I’m the water winner HOW MUCH WATER CAN YOU DRINK IN 10 SECONDS?
    I went to the toilet 6 times…
    So, I needed some diapers that day…

  4. Hello everyone,
    Really funny videos, we enjoyed this activity…Krystyna always has good ideas for making the class most funny and interesting.. I love it!

    Thanks classmates!

  5. Maybe, I can’t drink faster than everyone… I need a new competition.

    Maybe, I will beat everybody… Maybe not…

    I see you…

  6. Thank you my lovely class! You were very funny! I really enjoyed giving you the challenge and also doing the challenge with you. I couldn’t win because I laughed too much!!

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