Which chips are the most delicious?

The Elementary class studied comparatives and superlatives. This video shows the use of superlatives. The students had to taste six different types of chips and decide which ones were the saltiest, crunchiest, spiciest, thickest, thinnest and the most delicious (or tastiest or yummiest). The thinnest were THINS! That was easy! The thickest were CCs. They are facts. The opinions are all different for saltiest, crunchiest, spiciest and most delicious. Well done with your speaking, Elementary students! You’re great!

Krystyna, Elementary Class teacher

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14 thoughts on “Which chips are the most delicious?

  1. This activity was different, because we ate many types of chips, and all the chips were very yummy and we were able to learn more English. It was fantastic!!!

    The Elementary class is a lot of fun and every day is easier to understand!!!

    Thank you, for the class!!!!

  2. My favorite chips is Pringles Chips Sour Cream n Onion. Because I don’t like something too sweet n spicy to eat. But it is middle of these for me. I am sure of that you can’t stop eating it.

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