Elementary Class is cooking!

We are mixing the ingredients.
Waffle ingredients.
Waffle ingredients.
The mixtures are ready.

The Elementary class studied present continuous. We made waffles and talked about what we were doing at the time. In these photos and videos you can see various parts of the process; for example: We are mixing the eggs, flour, sugar and oil. We are spooning the mixture into the waffle  machine. We are enjoying eating the waffles with ice-cream!

Elementary Class teacher, Krystyna is definitely enjoying her waffle 😉
We are putting the mixture into the waffle machine.
We are taking the waffle out of the machine.
The ‘giraffe’ waffle with a scoop of ice-cream, yum!
Gabriel is enjoying his waffle! 🙂

Well done, Elementary students! Great co-operation and team work!

Krystyna, Elementary Class teacher

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16 thoughts on “Elementary Class is cooking!

  1. Yes yes, I really enjoyed my waffle !!!
    The waffles were perfectly prepared and tasted wonderful, I would like to eat some more…Better to eat more than five.

  2. It looks very funny. Everyone did a good job. It looks really delicious. I must join in next time.
    By the way, was there any problem with your waffles Gabriel?

  3. I liked this activity, it was funny!
    We ate many tasty waffles and ice cream!!!!

    I am sorry for the other students…
    Sorry… because they were delicious!!!!

  4. It was a lot of fun because I have never made waffles with my classmates.
    I don’t like sweet food, but they tasted very good.
    I want to make waffles with my classmates again.

  5. These pictures look like a lot of fun!
    I would have loved to join in this activity.
    I hope that next time there is such an interesting lesson, I can come and join in.

  6. It looks really fun.
    If I had come here earlier, l could have made waffles with my classmates.
    I hope I can make waffles with my classmates.

  7. Sounds great!! You look so happy.
    To cook together makes you smile and your smile makes me happy.
    Please invite me next time. Thank you.

  8. It seems like you’re having a great time.
    Our class made pancakes this Monday. I thought it was fun for me to make something with somebody.
    Actually I prefer waffles than pancakes, so If I have an opportunity, I wanna make it.

  9. It is a v~e~r~y~~ very~ very~~ interesting class!

    I think it was fun watching the pictures and videos . 🙂
    If I have a chance next time Elementary Class is cooking!

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