Hitomi’s bird-watching

The Rainbow Bee-eater

We can watch many bird species in Cairns. If you go near Lagoon Park, you can watch Fantaills. They approach very near to you. The Rainbow Bee-eater has beautiful colours. We watch them near the Botanic Gardens.

The Fantail

The Common Myna is a very famous bird in Cairns. Their breeding season is now. The photo of a Common Myna’s chick was taken in New Caledonia in December last year. Maybe we can watch their chicks soon. However, we can watch other animals breeding.

The Common Myna

Two Fruit Bat species live in Cairns (Spectacled Flying-fox & Little Red Flying-fox). They are also in their breeding season. This adult Spectacled Flying-fox is hugging a cute baby. In the coming season, they will fledge.

The Spectacled Flying-fox

There are beautiful cycles in nature. Those are around us every day. But, this is a very precious experience, because it is very fragile. We should save those animals and be grateful we can watch them.

What do you think?

Hitomi, Pre-Intermediate B

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6 thoughts on “Hitomi’s bird-watching

  1. Hi Hitomi

    NIce presentation! I love birds!!! When it is low tide, you can see a lot of water birds. I love your post and your photos. Well done!

  2. Well done!
    Once when I was watching some different birds in my home in Cairns, I had an idea to take pictures of all birds that I saw for the first time. But I gave up when I realized that so many species live here. It would give me a lot of work. Congratulations!

    1. Taking photos of bird and bird watching all species are very difficult in Cairns.
      Maybe, Cairns has over 100 bird species.
      We can try watch bird life slowly.

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