Lifestyles in Cairns and Korea

For their weekly speaking assessment the students of Pre-Int B had to compare their countries/cities with Australia/Australian cities. They had to make a PowerPoint presentation including comparative and superlative adjectives (in bold). This is Hiro and Jacob’s presentation comparing lifestyles in Cairns and Korea.

Hello everyone. We will talk about comparisons between Korea and Cairns.

As you know, we have different things in Korea and Cairns.

  1. In Korea bus /train fares are lower than in Cairns. Korea’s taxi is very cheap! It’s only $3 per a kilometre.
  2. Korea’s buildings are higher than Cairns ones.
  3. Cairns landscape is more natural than Incheon. Cairns has beautiful and natural landscapes. I like the Lagoon.
  4. Koreans are busier than people in Cairns.
  5. Cairns food isn’t as spicy as Incheon foods. Topokki is the most popular in Korea.  It’s very tasty and spicy.
  6. Cairns weather is warmer than Incheon.

That’s all, thank you for reading.

Hiro and Jacob, Pre-Intermediate B

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One thought on “Lifestyles in Cairns and Korea

  1. It was easy to find out the differences between Korea and Cairns. Japan is almost the same as Korea. But Japanese food isn’t as spicy as Korean.
    Thank you, Hiro and Jacob.

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