A trip to San Andres

As part of their weekly speaking assessment, Sissa’s Intermediate Class prepared presentations about traveling. Here’s Edgar’s presentation about San Andres. No idea where that is? No worries! Just keep reading!

I went to San Andres Island one year ago with my wife, daughter and my mom. We were in a hotel near the city centre for one week. In this island, you can find beautiful beaches. I have travelled in Colombia to several different beaches and for me the best is San Andres. I recommend it if you ever travel to Colombia to visit this island where you will also find friendly people, typical food and different activities like diving, snorkeling and shopping for presents for your friends or family. If you feel hot, you can buy a beer or soda from one dollar. San Andres Island is one of the favourite tourist destinations in South America.

Edgar, Intermediate A

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2 thoughts on “A trip to San Andres

  1. It is awesome. I have never been to Colombia.
    I can see clear water and many hotels.
    If I go to Colombia I will drop by San Andres and then enjoy diving, snorkeling and drinking a lot of beer.

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