Chotika interviews Santa Claus

As part of their weekly speaking assessment, the students of Pre-Intermediate B were to interview Santa Claus. It was a pairwork task with one of the students playing the role of Santa and the other being a journalist.

Chotika: What are your hobbies?

Santa: My hobbies are sleeping, singing, and drinking alcohol.

Chotika: How old are you?

Santa: I’m 150 years old.

Chotika: Do you really exist?

Santa: If you believe in me, I exist in your heart.

Chotika: What kind of house do you live in?

Santa: I live in space or in the world in your heart.

Chotika: Why have you got a long beard and why are you fat?

Santa: A long beard is well matched with a fat body. I like sleeping. I sleep soon after I eat dinner so    I am fat.

Chotika: How long do you need to make gifts for children?

Santa: I don’t need it. If you imagine some gifts, I can get it using Christmas magic.

Chotika: How many languages do you speak?

Santa: I speak just one language. But, everyone understands my language at Christmas by magic!  Ho, Ho, Ho!

Chotika: Why are red and green Christmas colours?

Santa: Because red and green are loud colours. And I like red-wine. I sometimes spill wine on myself.

Chotika: How do you get into houses that have no chimney?

Santa: Elves help me in my job. Sometimes people don’t have a chimney. In addition, I’m very fat. I can’t go through some chimneys.  In this case, one of my Elves opens the window and he takes a gift and transports it to children room and puts in the stocking.

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2 thoughts on “Chotika interviews Santa Claus

  1. Hi Chotika and Hitomi
    Nice post, ladies! Sooo funny! I learned a lot about Santa that I didn’t know! Mmmmm…. he’s a very interesting person!
    Well done!

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