What Janine and Edgar USED TO do

The students of Intermediate A were practising their grammar. The focus was on ‘used to’:


When we were children, our parents didn’t use to have a lot of money for holidays or travel. But I used to live with my parents and my brother and sister in a big house with a big garden and pool.  Edgar used to live with his parents and two brothers in a big house with a veranda.

We didn’t use to have a lot of toys; we used to play soccer, criminals vs. cops with the neighbourhood’s children outside. Sometimes the children came to Janine’s house because they didn’t have a pool at home and the entry at the public pool was very expensive. Edgar didn’t use to have a lot of toys; he also used to play outside with his neighbours. He played soccer or statues.


Janine used to drive often from her village to Zurich, where she moved permanently when she was 22. Edgar didn’t use to go to another city. He used to live in the same city that he grew up.

But Edgar didn’t use to live in the same house than his parents, he moved to another house when he was 21. And he used to work in the same city that he used to live.

In school in Switzerland we didn’t use to wear uniforms like in Colombia. We used to wear normal clothes. The same happened in Janine’s job; she didn’t used to wear a uniform like Edgar.

Janine and Edgar, Intermediate A

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