I like Japanese culture and that’s why I brought Yukata, Kimono and hair accessories etc. from Japan.

Yukata and Kimono one similar, but there are some differences. Kimono is profound but I can’t convey that well enough in the space here.

I really like traditional Japanese things. I’ve sometimes tried to help somebody get dressed in other country. I helped my teacher put on a Yukata in December last year.

The first time I asked her “Could you choose Kimono or Yukata, a belt and accessories”.

She chose a Yukata and the pattern of the crest on the family belt. She looked so good.

She listened as if she really enjoyed my talk then I talked about history and the meaning of the patterns, color etc. I helped and talked for about 1 hour but she never looked bored.

Japanese women’s bodies are shorter height. And Yuki, which is the measurement from the center of the back of the neck to end the sleeves, is usually shorter for Japanese women (usually about 65-68cm on average).

I have helped my overseas friends to put their Yukatas on only three times in my life.

It always makes me happy when they enjoy Japanese culture.


Would you like to know more about Japan?

I hope that you get to know Japan and like it yourself.

Hitomi, Pre-Intermediate B

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12 thoughts on “Yukata

  1. Hitomi, thank you again for taking the time to put these wonderful clothes on me and thanks for telling me so much about Japanese culture. It was a great cultural experience for me! 🙂

    1. Hi Justyna.
      I was really enjoying this time, especially when I saw your smile!
      Thank you so much for my happy time and listening to my stories;)

  2. Hi Hitomi

    What a great post re the Japanese kimono and yukata. Very interesting! Who is that gorgeous lady in the photos?!

    Well done!
    Krystyna 🙂

    1. Hi Krystyna.
      The gorgeous lady is Justyna !
      I don’t know why she likes Japanese culture so much. And the Yukata suited her a lot.
      We can choose fitting colour and pattern of Yukatas or Kimonos for ourselves .
      She has a Japanese heart and understood our thinking.

  3. How beautiful!! I’d like to wear it. I like Japanese culture, too. Please show me Japanese goods that you brought here.

    1. Hi, Manami!
      You can wear my clothes at any time because we are living in the same share house:)
      I can help you again next time. But I think it is better if you don’t drink that day!

  4. Yukata is a famous uniform in Japan. It looks so pretty!
    I want to make Japanese traditions known to the world.Thank you for doing this.

    1. Hi, Taisei!
      Your feeling is good. This Yukata is so pretty, but the color is for adults 🙂
      I like that you are interested in Japanese traditions (yukata, kimono, comb, accessory).
      The traditions (coloring, making and pattern meaning) are different depending on the region.
      I can’t write down this information. But I think this is so interesting for me.

  5. Hey there Hitomi!

    This post caught my attention because I really like Japanese culture and I didn’t know about how to use it and how difficult it is to put a Kimono or Yukata on. You made a good job making Justyna wear it. I bet she enjoyed each moment talking with you while you were dressing her up. Nice to see more posts from you, it was pretty good!

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog post again!
      I really like Japanese culture, but my knowledge comes from self-study so I might be wrong.
      However, I was so surprised and glad when you and other people enjoyed my writing!
      Thank you for reading and enjoying my topic.

  6. Yukata is very beautiful!!! But I think you should try to wear some clothes from China!! They’re very wonderful clothes too!!

    1. Hi Ma Lijie.
      I think Chinese clothes are also beautiful. I had and tried them when I was young 🙂
      The patterns and colours were very different!
      I’m really interested in traditional clothes and history (of course, this includes other countries).
      If you have time, could you tell me about yours?

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