Compare Brazil and Chile

Brazil vs. Chile

Brazil is a big country. It is the fifth biggest country in the world with 8,512,000 km2. Brazil`s population, estimated 206,985,000, is very diverse, comprising many races and ethnic groups and is the fifth most populated country in the word,.

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia and the most important financial centre is Sao Paulo and it is also the city with the highest number of people, with almost 12 million inhabitants.

The most famous party is Carnival and is celebrated in February or March for 4 days every year. Also, a very famous party is the Junina Party, celebrated in the end of June/beginning of July. Junina party has typical foods and drinks.

Brazil is a big exporter of grains, for example: coffee, wheat, soy, etc. as well as fruits, vegetables and meat.

The climate is similar to Australia, the North is hot all year and the South is cold during winter.

Brazil is a famous country also because of sports, soccer, volleyball and now surf.


Chile is a long country but no so big. Its estimated population is 18 million people.

The capital of Chile is Santiago, but it is only the business capital because a lot of export goods like copper and seafood are located in other regions.

Chile is not a tropical country but it has very defined seasons in a year: summer is too hot and winter is very cold. That will also depend on which region you are in.

We have one of the most wonderful islands in the world: Easter Island and its Moais (giant statues).

The celebrations in Chile are national holidays, for example when we celebrate our Independence Day with rodeos, ramadas and Military Parades. The typical food is a mixture of the indigenous traditional food and Spanish cuisine, customs and culinary habits.

Chile has a big range of mountains called “Cordillera de los Andes”, which makes Chile a very important touristic destination.

Chile is famous also because of their soccer team, volleyball MMA fights and surf, thanks to its extended coastline.

Bruno & Jose, Intermediate A

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2 thoughts on “Compare Brazil and Chile

  1. Hi, Bruno & Jose.
    I loved your presentation.
    I am interested in South America. I would like to go there to get to know touristic places in Brazil and Chile like Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and the Andes Mountain range in Chile.
    Tnx, handsome guys 😉

  2. I am from Chile. I like my country so much because you can find so many kinds of places, with different environment. It is a long country and if you go the north part, you can see the desert, but if you go to the south part, you can see beautiful nature. Then if you go to west part, you can find sea and if you go to the east, you can see the big mountains. I live in Santiago, the biggest in Chile, with the largest population. Sometimes it is very busy but it is a beautiful place for a visit. I have been in Brazil a few times in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios.The people are gentile, very kind and cheerful. You can eat delicious food and enjoy different activities. They have so many places that you can visit with a wonderful environment. I recommend both places because you will meet friendly people, visit beautiful places and eat delicious cuisine.

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