In the future…

In the future, people will be able to eat insects because we won’t have any other food left on Earth. The human body may change to a low metabolic rate body, so we won’t move as much as we do now.

Robots will take care of us in the future. Technology will have evolved by 2100.

We might use “DOKODEMODOOR”. It’s a kind of a teletransporter.

This door will be able to take you anywhere very quickly. If you open the door you can go anywhere you want.

  • It’s simple to use: you just have to think where you want to go. For example, “I want to go Japan.” Then you open the door and you will be there.

We might have a robot each.

Marina & Maho, Intermediate A

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4 thoughts on “In the future…

  1. Hello Marina and Maho!

    DOCODEMODOOR is so useful!!
    I really want to get it because my dream is ‘Traveling around the world’.
    If I have it, my dreams can come true.
    When the machine is invented by someone, I would want to buy it.
    To do that , I should start saving money !

  2. I agree robots will take care of us. But first we need to invent the robots, so it’s difficult. But let’s think about some convenience robots.
    I want to get a cleaning wife robot. It’s a very smart robot, if I have to do cleaning or washing my clothes, the robot can do everything instead of me.

  3. It’s such an interesting article. Maybe we will able to eat natural resources or we will not need to eat anything because the body of a human is evolving day by day. However, I don’t want to eat them:-(

  4. I’m interested in this subject. Robots will be helpful for everybody.
    But it might be dangerous humans. For example, I want to do my job.
    If robots spread, I might not be able to it.
    “Docodemodoa” is probably so useful . I’ll love to use it.
    But if we were able to freely go to another world, we wouldn’t move too much.

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