Talk about a phone app you often use

The students of Intermediate A were to make a PowerPoint presentation about a phone application they often use. As the grammar point of the week was passives, they had to incorporate as many passive structures into their presentation as possible.

Below is Bruno and Amy’s presentation about Google Maps (check out the passives in bold print). Well done guys!

What is it? Google Maps is a map app for smartphones.

How you use it? Google Maps is used for searching a location, a place, a street, a city or a country.

What benefits do you get? The paper map is not used anymore. If there is the internet connection in a city, we can simply write the name of street/place that we wanna go to and the app will show us the best direction in a few seconds. We can find the attraction nearby us. If you are in a big city, the app will show you the transit and how you can avoid rush hour.  Bike lanes are shown by Google Maps for riding bicycles. Different places in the world can be seen on Google Maps.

And explain why this mobile app is important to you: this app is extremely important for everyone today because it helps you find your way easily if you want to go to different places. Also, it makes it possible for you to find out information, locations and working hours. People aren’t asked for directions anymore. People can virtually visit different places in the world using Google Maps.

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  1. I’ve used it many times in Cairns because I don’t know all the places here. It is so useful!! I think a lot of people use this app! I need it!

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