School party story told in Aussie slang

As it was Australia Day two days ago and to practise their story-telling skills, the students of Intermediate A were asked to create a story with Australian slang words in it. Read Maho and Bruno’s Woolshed story below and see if you can make sense of their story as they included a lot of slang in it, hahaha! (use the PowerPoint presentation to help you).

Every Monday and Friday we have a School Party at the Woolshed. We meet our mates at the school at 8:55 pm and then we go to the Woolshed.

We eat tucker such as pizza, chook wings, sangers and everybody is on the grog.

Some people drink a lot of grog and then dance with our mates, different sheilas and blokes that are sometimes a bit daggy.

At 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, you can see some people drinking grog on the footpaths and talk with mates and sometimes they need to go to the dunny.

When the party finishes, people still are hungry and then go to the Macca`s.

Maho & Bruno, Intermediate A

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One thought on “School party story told in Aussie slang

  1. Hi Maho and Bruno
    Well done! I think I could actually work out all the slang!?! The Woolshed looks a bit scary after dark! 😉

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