Bruno and Guillermo work undercover

Phrasal verbs can be every student’s nightmare. However, Fumi and Amy seem to be really good at using them! Check out the story they created about their two classmates Bruno and Guillermo who were working as secret FBI agents… 😉 This hilarious story goes with a very funny PowerPoint presentation attached below. See how many phrasal verbs you know. Don’t forget to have fun!

  1. The two guys that work for FBI dress up as women and go into the club and contact the drug boss.
  2. Guillermo and Bruno make themselves up and dress up as women.
  3. And they put on women’s clothes and turn into perfectly good-looking women.
  4. Guillermo and Bruno get into a car and go to the club with friends.
  5. And turn up at the reception and they check into the club.
  6. They pick up their glasses with Emi, Maho, and Laetitia and drink a lot of alcohol.
  7. Then they come out on the stage and dance. Everyone looks at them.
  8. Finally the drug lord comes over to Guillermo and he talks with him and finds out some important information about the organization. But the boss is turned on by Guillermo wants to sleep with him.
  9. When the boss wakes up in the morning, he is surprised because next to him is another man, not Guillermo. Guillermo succeeds!

Fumi & Amy, Intermediate A

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4 thoughts on “Bruno and Guillermo work undercover

  1. Cool presentation!!
    It was a very funny the story about Guillermo and Bruno. You used good phrasal verbs and I could learn a lot.

  2. Hi Fumi and Amy

    The use of phrasal verbs is great! The story is well written and imaginative! The ending is ???!!! as we would say “a bit of a worry!”

    But….well done!

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