Hi guys,

My name is Kamil Petricek and I come from the Czech Republic. I came to Australia four months ago to study English and learn how to live by myself. After finishing high school I didn’t want to follow the same boring routine as 98% of all the others so I simply said that I was not going to university to waste the best years of my life. Instead, I packed my backpack and went to see the world before I start thinking about settling down and starting a family. It’s been the hardest decision I’ve had to make so far. There are those who call me mad and not normal and I have to admit that they are actually right. But I am proud of it, because I say if you are normal, it means you are average and average people live only average lives.

I am actually a rapper in the Czech Republic, but not well known and not as good as I would wish. I’ve always been connected with this genre of music so it’s not a surprise that I ended up recording my own songs. I go by my stage name MadBoy. I’ve been doing it for over two years now and changing my address is something which could never stop me from doing what I like. That’s why I recorded a new song in the Czech language recently together with my friend and we made a video clip as well. Then I tried to translate the lyrics into English, so you can catch the meaning as well. Just click on the subtitles icon while playing this music video and subtitles will appear. We made the video being in two completely different parts of the world. It wasn’t easy, but here we are.

I wrote new English lyrics recently, I just need to go and record it in a local studio. I am also working on other English lyrics which might get finished soon.

Just by reading this you are giving me much needed support, so thank you very much! If you appear to like my music, you can share this link with your friends, colleagues, etc. Any kind of support is much appreciated. Thank you again and enjoy your day.



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14 thoughts on “MadBoy

  1. You’re so cool. I did’t know that you’re such a great rapper. I could hear two Japanese cities’ names in this song. I’m looking forward to your new songs! You should be known more than now so I will share with my friends in Japan on the Internet.

    1. Hi Manami,
      I can’t explain how much I appreciate your support. Sharing my music with your friends is absolutely the best thing you could do for me! I am going to a studio next week to record a new English song, so it will be easier for everyone to understand the lyrics.
      Thank you very much again! Stay tuned.

  2. The song is really cool! I am not good at rap but I like the beat. I respect your decision because I know there are lots of people who want to do like you did but they can not get out from the normal way.

    1. Thank you. I know, some people just cannot do what they would like to do for some reason. But there is always hope! Anyway, mostly it’s just because they want to and they actually can, but they do nothing or only a little for it. Or they are afraid of what might be.

  3. Hi Kamil

    Wow! I’m very impressed with your great and interesting post! It’s excellent! I’m not into rap but you’ve done a good job; well done! What really impressed me was your attitude to life and I totally agree – who wants to be normal?! Grab life and ‘go for it!!!’ 🙂

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