Why do I blog?

Our CCEB Blogging Club takes place every Monday. As I can see many students join this extra class on a regular basis, I was wondering what it is that motivates them and here’s what they said:

Kamil (The Czech Republic): I find the CCE blog very useful especially for people who are seeking for the opportunity to share something they want to make publicly known. I am a rapper from the Czech Republic, not famous one though, so for me it’s just another great chance to share my work with others.  Through my lyrics I am trying to motivate people, to give them hope so they won’t give up their dreams. I am pointing out social problems, human behaviour, our acts against the nature but I am also trying to find the solutions to these problems. And thanks to CCEB blog, I can find people who will like or at least appreciate what I am doing, so I can share those solutions, opinions and my life philosophy with them. Love and peace.

Hitomi (Japan):  I have been studying birds. I have a lot of knowledge about these animals. This is no good for me because I want to know and to open my eyes to other people’s opinions and then I want to get to know new people.

Mayo (Japan): If I write a blog article, I improve my writing skills and vocabulary. It is good for me plus I like writing blog posts. I’m happy when I come to the blogging club because I improve my English skills and get one coffee.

Manami (Japan): In this activity we can learn writing skills in English and get a free coffee ticket. There is no reason why I wouldn’t join it.

Debora (Brazil):  It seems like only yesterday that I had my first experience in the Blogging Club. However, over five months have already passed.

At the beginning, it is usual to think it is just “one more extra activity” made by the school*. But, in a snap of your finger it is easy to realize how much I have improved since I started to be a * blogger*. I am saying that because it is clear to notice the difference between my more recent posts and the posts that I
used to write.

Maybe some people might think that studying over than five hours a day is already enough. Although, as the saying goes “if you do not use it, you lose it” and this is exactly what can happen when you do not use the vocabulary that you have been learning in the formal classes. Besides enjoying myself when I am writing, that is the reason why I have been attending the blogging club. It is the perfect moment to practice the words that I have just learned.

The feedback and support that the teachers offer you about writing skills are also compelling because afterwards you are able to notice what points you really should struggle to improve.  It can look just like “one more extra activity” but sometimes what looks just a mere detail can make all the difference.

Bruno (Brazil): I can improve my writing and my English. I’ve never liked to write, but now I like it and I write every week. I can learn Grammar, Australian Slang, etc. that I haven’t learned yet. I can read different presentations about different subjects. I have fun when I read curious articles.

Laetitia (Switzerland): The first time I came because I wanted to change the class and I couldn’t change if I didn’t write anything before. Now I come because it helps me to write well. I think writing helps you to learn a new language because you practice your grammar. Before I came to the blogging club I didn’t like writing and now I’m beginning to have fun in writing.


Abigail (Mexico): I come to Blogging Club because I want to improve my writing. I would like to know what I can write in a blog post. I would like to share my experiences and also to show other people a different way to express themselves. I came to Blogging Club because I have seen that my classmates have enjoyed this activity, and I would like to do it too.


Emi (Japan): I want to practise reading English articles. I want to practise writing. I want to make English sentences. I can know a lot of information. I want to become confident using a computer.

Rin (Japan): I like blogging club because I can find out what my friends from different countries think and Justyna is kind to help write a blog post. We can find out some new information. And after that, we can get a free coffee ticket!! Lovely!!

Marina (Japan): I came to blogging club because I wanted to practice my writing and spelling. I have a lot of that I want to write and idea even though it is not on the blog. I’ve tried explaining to other people correctly. If you come to blogging club, you can get a free coffee ticket!

Naoko (Japan): My name is Naoko. Every Monday I’m in the Blog club because I want to improve my English. It also helps to practice writing and grammar. You can also see various blogs and get a free ticket for coffee.  A lot of people are participating. There are various blogs such as students’ written things and class scenery. It is fun.

Sakura (Japan): I join the blogging club because I want to improve my writing and want to use grammatical sentences. I‘d love to write a letter in English for my friends.

Taisei (Japan): Why I joined the blogging club: I wanted to improve my English writing skills and I have too much free time after school. This is my 3rd time coming here. What I learnt in blogging club is that it is really different writing English in paper with pen to writing on a web site. There are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Now I want to practice typing and writing without spelling mistakes.

Maricia (Timor): My name is Maricia, I am from the upper intermediate class. This is my first time joining blogging class. The reason why I want to join the blogging class is because I want to improve my writing skills and to meet people from other classes. Blogging class seems so interesting and useful, I hope I can share something with my friends and learn something new here.


Well done bloggers! It makes me happy to see how much your English is improving (grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing and reading, just to mention a few). It’s also always fun to read your stories and check out the photos, videos or PowerPoint presentations that go with your posts. Thank you all for coming to the Blogging Club and sharing your stories, opinions, cultures with others here at CCEB, in Australia and… in the whole wide world!

Justyna, CCEB teacher

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