My job at a Crepe Shop

I work at the Cairns Night Markets at the night time while I’m studying in the school. I would like to introduce my work.

My job is in a “Crepe shop “that is popular in Japan. Do you know crepe?  It’s such a thin pancake. As soon as we take orders from customers, we will bake dough of crepe. We have to make only 30 seconds because it will burn to crisp. If we make it longer than 30 seconds, it will be soft and chewy. It’s so nice! Now it’s difficult for me but I practice it. I hope I’ll make it beautifully.

And then we put on it some fruit, whipped cream, sauce and ice-cream.  This sauce has two types; you can choose chocolate or condensed milk. Chocolate sauce is made by ourselves. Some customers ask “Do you have nutella?” Sorry, we don’t have nutella but our chocolate sauce is dark and we recommend that.

After finishing the topping, we roll in up crepe.  We have to roll up so that you can see fruit, whipped cream, all things. It will look so delicious. See the slide show below to have an idea what the process looks like:

We make more than 100 crepes a day. If you try to taste one, you want to eat again. Some customers ate one crepe, then they ordered it again. Some children also eat 3 crepes.

Please you should eat crepes.

Emi, Intermediate A

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10 thoughts on “My job at a Crepe Shop

  1. You got an amazing job in Cairns! I didn’t know about a time limit. I hope students in our school go to buy crepes. Please give us some extra topping when we visit you.

  2. Wow!! You started to practice baking crepes?! That’s cool !! I’ve eaten the crepe there and it was so nice! Once you eat, you’ll definitely want to eat again, no doubt!Good luck for your work but don’t work too much.

  3. Hello Emi~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ate this crepe before. I have been to this shop twice. But the first time it was very busy there.. The customer before me ordered 8 crepes so… I had to give up…..I’ll try again but this time I hope it won’t be busy, so I can get a crepe!!! It’s so yummy.
    I wanna go again!!

  4. Very interesting your job story. I like food but I don’t eat crepes. But I want to eat your crepes from the markets. Maybe I will go to the night Market. If I find your shop I will buy banana and, strawberry, ice cream sauce and nuts please~ see you!

  5. Hi Emi!!
    I didn’t know there are some crepe shops in Cairns before I came to Australia. So when I saw your shop first, I was surprised. I haven’t eaten crepes from your shop yet, so I’ll go to eat crepes soon!! I want you to make my crepe!!

  6. Oh, I am a little bit surprised that you can make a crepe! I have eaten crepes, but not in Australia and not so big. Last time when I visited your shop, I couldn’t eat that because I was full, so I will definitely go to try that next time! What flavor do you recommend?

  7. I’ve never eaten a crepe :S, but now I think that I should do it; and of course I will go to this place to eat the first crepe of my life hahaha. It looks very delicious :p (and desserts always make me really happy hahaha).
    Good post Emi :)! and great job that you got :).

  8. Hi Emi
    Great post and…..yummy, yummy, yummy!!! Will you give me a discount when I come to your shop?! Ha ha!! 🙂

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