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6 thoughts on “My hometown Nesmerice

  1. Hey Marketa!!!
    Your village is really small but looks good and interesting!!!
    You have a lot of activities in summer, this is pretty nice.

  2. Hello, Marketa!
    I enjoyed reading your post and I like your hometown! Your hometown has lots of beautiful nature, and it is so interesting. I prefer countryside to a big city, so I really want to visit Nesmerice and try activities in the nature. Your country is very far from my country, but a little bit similar to mine, so your post made me miss my hometown when I read this.

    1. Mizuki,
      if you would like to visit my hometown, you’re really welcome. Just let me know when you are coming to my place and let’s meet :-] I will be very proud to show you all of my favourite places.

  3. Hi Marketa,
    What a great description of your tiny home town! Well done! I don’t like big cities or even big towns very much, but I can’t imagine living in such a small place. 🙂

    1. Hi Krystyna,
      Thank you for comment. I think after visiting Cairns I can imagine living in the future in a small place as well.

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