Lake67 offer this weekend!

Hi students!

Lake67 offers you a trip to Frankland Island this weekend!

Student discount: $160 (including transfer)

–       Maximum of 100 people

–       Tour includes a river cruise, reef and island experience

–       Normanby island is a coral cay located in the National Park with a healthy and vibrant surrounding coral reef community

–       Protection suits are available free of charge

–       Expert marine biologist on hand to explain the Frankland Island’s unique eco system

Visit Lake67 to book your trip to this beautiful pristine island!



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3 thoughts on “Lake67 offer this weekend!

  1. I also want to go there but I don’t have enough time 🙁 Actually this is my last day. Congratulations Yuya!!!

  2. Hahaha! “Congratulations Yuya”.
    Anyway, I would like to go there and to other beautiful places that Lake 67 offers. And I will do it one day when I have saved enough money to travel without worries, being able to enjoy my stay in Australia.

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