My first English song!

Hi guys!

It’s been over a month now since I first introduced myself on the CCEB Blog as a rapper MadBoy from the Czech Republic. I published a Czech song with a music video, which I made together with my Czech friend Ledkore, also a rapper. Thanks to this blog, I’ve gained many new views and followers and for that, I need to thank you.

Time has passed and my first English song is completed now as well. I would like to get rid of my Czech accent, but it seems impossible at the moment. Only time will show if I’ll be able to do so. I need to train a lot harder for such a thing. Anyway I am proud of myself, that I actually made a fully functional English song with lyrics reaching a deep meaning and not just random rhyming to the backing track. I’ve taken a long time to write it, but finally, here it is!

The song is titled: “From The Ashes”, and it describes why I came to Australia, what I expect of my life and it also shows my love for my family and friends. I wrote the lyrics to motivate others as well, to show them how important it is to follow your dreams, whatever it costs.

I haven’t recorded a video this time, but I’m planing to do so for my next English song, which is coming soon!


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  1. Thanks everyone who’s spreading my music and sharing it with friends. It helps me to build up my career and increase a number of followers, which has an enormous value for me.

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