How to cook a sushi cake?

  1. I’ll explain how to make a sushi cake. Have you ever heard of a sushi cake? In Japan, sushi cake is popular food among young people these days because it’s cute and we can take a good photo.
  2. First, we prepare a vinegar and rice. Then, put the vinegar in the rice and mix quickly.
  3. We prepare Sashimi. In this picture, we can see salmon, tuna, and salmon roe. But, you can choose your favourite fishes and other ingredients. My favourite ingredients are salmon, salmon roe, chopped egg and cucumber.
  4. We use a baking mould like in this picture. I recommend the type from which we can remove the bottom.
  5. We lay the vinegared rice thinly in a mould and put a cut cucumber on it.
  6. And lay the vinegared rice thinly again and put the cut salmon on it and lay the vinegared rice again.
  7. Stack all ingredients like this picture and press the top. If you press strongly, you can cook a nice sushi cake.
  8. Finally, remove the mould from the sushi cake and decorate the top of the sushi cake. You can choose your favourite garnish food. In this picture, use chopped eggs, rolled cucumbers, salmon roe and prawn.
  9. If you want to arrange it, you can make a rose with salmon. It seems to be difficult, but it’s easier than you think. We just roll some salmon.
  10. If you want to more arrange, you can make another one like this picture.
  11. Recently, some Japanese couples choose a wedding sushi cake instead of a normal one. If you want to hold a special wedding ceremony, please try a sushi cake.

Mizuna Nagasawa, Intermediate A

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5 thoughts on “How to cook a sushi cake?

  1. Hi Mizuna, what an interesting post! Well done! I’ve never heard of a sushi cake – it looks amazing and maybe it’s healthier than sweet cake!?! I’ve learned something new! Thank you, Krystyna 🙂

  2. It looks yummy!! But I have never tried cooking it. When I have a party I will cook it. If I make it I can surprise my friends.

  3. Hi Mizuna. I didn’t know about sushi cake until now; this looks interesting, maybe I should try it once hahaha. And about a wedding sushi cake instead of a normal one, wow! Definitely I wouldn’t try it at my own wedding because I really love sweet cakes, but if someone invited me to eat a sushi cake at a wedding party, I wouldn’t miss the chance to try it haha.

  4. Woooooow!
    I miss sushi…..I love sushi!!!
    I’ve never seen it. It’s good photos!
    I will try a sushi cake when I have a wedding ceremony.

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