Why diving should be done at least once in your life

After some months of just attending school and going to work, I have decided to break my routine. Scuba diving was one of the best choices I have made in Cairns, so far. Let me try to explain how it works.

To become an Open Water diver first of all you need to find a diving company which offers this sort of class, in my case I chose CDC (Cairns Diving Center). Afterward, you will attend two classes in a classroom and practice some steps of diving in a swimming pool. My first advice is: if you don’t feel comfortable with English yet let the company know about it and, perhaps, ask to take classes in your own language (some companies in Cairns have teachers from Japan and China, for example).

It is significant because in this phase of the diving classes they are going to share with you a lot of knowledge about safety and the first tips about how to be a good scuba diver. This means that if you are not able to understand maybe you could jeopardize yourself and consequently you are going to lose all the amusing time.

After joined two classes and being approved in the theory exam the student is going to practice all the skills that they learned in the OCEAN, which here in Cairns means: The Great Barrier Reef.

It was an amazing experience. It is a blend of anxiety, happiness and dread. It was a peculiar moment that certainly is going to be stuck in my mind for years and years. Moreover, the staff were very cheerful which helped me to feel more comfortable. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I need to say that the food that they provide during your trip to the Reef or any island is awesome! (OK, I am joking it is not the most important detail but it made my trip more worthwhile).

Basically, if you have any doubt about whether or not you’d enjoy diving classes my best advice for you is: just go for it. Overcome your fears and just allow yourself to live this kind of experience. If you are close to water I am sure scuba diving is a fascinating decision for you. Write it down on your bucket list because, dude, under the water the world is another place and I am pretty sure that there are not any doctor or pills is able to give such a therapeutic experience to calm down your mind and your life.

Debora Komukai, Advanced Class

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3 thoughts on “Why diving should be done at least once in your life

  1. It looked like a great and beautiful experience for you. Is the Great Barrier Reef really beautiful? We’d like to go there, too.

  2. i was Padi Diving OWI for more than 15 years in Egypt i worked for extraworld.de , i wanted to dive in this reef one day

    1. Hi Lofty! Thanks for your message. If you want to go to the GBR, you can book with our our travel agency Lake67. Our staff will definitely find something suitable for an experienced diver like you 🙂

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