My friends

When I started my working holiday visa, I stayed on an animal farm. It is a mobile farm which means that we sometimes went to festivals, markets, child care centres and also birthday parties.

I stayed there for 3 months. I was living with a lot of animals. When I started my work there, the goats were still babies, so I used to feed them milk every morning and evening. And I used to feed vegetables to all the animals every day.  A few times a week I would go to another place with the animals. We could touch and brush the animals, and hold the chickens. We often went to birthday parties in customers’ houses and it was sometimes difficult moving the animals from the car to the garden. But I didn’t care as long as I could watch the children enjoy the animal encounters.

We kept new baby cows. When they came to the farm they were lonely, shy or scared. So they didn’t come to me. We had to give milk to them. But they were avoiding humans. I tried to say “good morning” and “good night” to them. They gradually became accustomed to me. A few days later they were coming quickly because they wanted to drink milk! A few weeks later they said they want more milk!!

I saw animals being sheared. It was the first time and it was very interesting for me. The shearing of a big llama is a very hard job… and a little bit scary…  When we start shearing arms and legs to do the tying, some llamas got really angry…. so it proved very difficult to tie them..  After shearing they looked different! They looked skinnier than before.

Camel (Gypsy) lived on the farm, When she came to the farm I was very surprised. She was very tall!! I was overwhelmed!! She was very friendly and when we called her, she came. She was very cute!!!!!! I loved her.

I made a lot of memories, and many friends. It was very exciting!! I want to meet my friends again! I miss everyone…

If you are interested in this farm, please visit it. It is open every Wednesday and Saturday. You can feed and touch animals. It is so exciting!!

They have a Facebook page, so please check it:

Thank you.

Maho, Intermediate B

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2 thoughts on “My friends

  1. Hi Maho!! I’m really interested in the farm because I love animals!! When I was in Japan, I had a dog and I liked patting him. Your post reminds me of it. Someday I’ll visit the placeand I want to make some new friends 🙂

  2. Hi Maho 🙂 Such an interesting experience! I would be really happy staying with animals and going with them to festivals or markets as well 🙂 However, I can’t say that I would enjoy assisting at children’s birthday parties with them, because for me the kids are really unconscious, noisy and disrespectful. Anyway, sometimes I think that while kids enjoy touching animals, the animals suffer.

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